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Like a personal trainer,

but for your home.

We've all been there. Life gets BUSY and things - literal and figurative - just pile up. You know things can be better but you just don't know where to start. You want solutions and NOT to shop around, yet again, for the right thing that will work. You want to be supported and empowered - it's YOUR home after all! But do people really do that sort of thing WITH you and FOR you? Save you time, money, heartache and headaches? 


YES. Be Alined offers personalized home organization and design in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas. You may want to streamline the coat closet or pantry, tackle an overcrowded garage, reorganize the entire house, or design the perfect closet. Most anyone can benefit from evaluating and implementing a system to have a better, more clearly organized home - and life!  It's not one that is perfect - it's one that works for you and lets you have time, clarity, and balance for easier living. Life can get messy enough!


We streamline processes, help you think differently, and organize not only stuff but time. You'll have more clarity and balance so you can have the vision - and time - to spend on things and people most important to you.

At The Heart Of Be Alined

Meet Jenn Green

Jenn Green Stinsman Photography.jpg

Image Credit: Stinsman Photography

Me, in short? I think people can be amazing, that the good life is even better when simple things are savored, and that physical changes absolutely can be a catalyst for mental ones.

I am Jenn Green, the owner and principal Professional Organizer for Be Alined. I love this work and live it too. I constantly assess my own home for what we need, what brings us joy, and is valued (in cash or in heart). I'm an editor of sorts. I enjoy both the process and the end result. Doesn't hurt that it all comes naturally.


And how did the passion for this come about? A corporate career history in a project management and Marketing and Advertising, plus an innate knowledge of aesthetics, form and function, compelled me to expand on my own passion for organized living. In 2013 an entrepreneur and Be Alined were born. Every day since, my love for encouraging people to define their own well being and terms of success, and teaching others to work productively and with intent, continue to fuel that passion and drive.

Courier Post, how to be organized, where to donate, downsizing, professional organizer

Image Credit: Joe Lamberti/Courier Post

The Heart The Gives Gathers.

Lightening the load and feeling good are two key principles for Be Alined. Those outcomes occur in the organizing process, for Be Alined clients, and for those that receive the generous donations. This is a huge part of why I love what I do and why the company is set up this way.

Charity recommendations, coordination and delivery by the car load are all handled at no cost to any organizing project.

Be Alined was featured in Courier Post, "How To Declutter For Good." Donation delivery is not only fulfilling for Jenn and her clients; volunteers are so appreciative as well.

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