What We Do

Whether your project includes tackling clutter, space planning, closet design, or creating new routines, strategies to fit your style and preferences are established and put into practice.

Every project comes with complete integrity, trustworthiness and passion for the work is included in every job. Our 4 step method is geared toward allowing your home or workspace to be functional, look great and and feel amazing.

Services start at just $100. For more information on packages and rates, please click below to get in touch.

Professional Organizing

Projects include

  • Addressing clutter, inventory and available space

  • Sorting and organizing

  • Routine coaching/The Mentality of Living Organized

  • Space Planning

  • Project management for time efficiency

  • Resale and/or consignment recommendations

  • Product research/shopping, sharing of links OR physical shopping.

  • Complimentary coordination with local charity partners.

All work is customized, and work time is dependent upon decision making, content and accessibility to spaces. Prepaid packages are most popular and offer savings.

Closet and Storage Design

Projects include

  • Addressing storage needs and space availability

  • Measurements

  • Customized designs with retail partners, reviews and product ordering

  • Project management for time efficiency

  • Product research/shopping, sharing of links OR physical shopping.

Closet and Storage Design Services are customized based on number of spaces and their size, and are most often paired with On-Site Organizing however can be handled separately as well.

Virtual Organizing/Remote Coaching

Projects include two face to face (via video) sessions and two emails.

  • Video conferencing via Zoom at the beginning and end. Choose from 30 minute or 60 minute call packages.

  • Part One: Addressing clutter, storage needs and space availability. Viewing your space and understanding aesthetic preferences and product budget range. Instructions for measurements.

  • Email 1: Follow up to homework and coaching about inventory assessments and regular routines. Emailed shopping list, charity and/or resale partners if applicable.

  • Part Two: Supplies on hand, coaching for placement and intended use and practices to support organized living.

  • Email 2: Share pictures of final work, congratulate and assess.

Virtual Organizing packages are ideal for the person seeking guidance and product expertise along with an accountability partner and customized solutions research. Expanded and custom packages available.


DIY Kits are perfect for the person seeking step by step guidance for common organizing challenges or for navigating life's transitions such as welcoming a new baby or overhauling a closet.  Sometimes the kits are the perfect start to on-site organizing sessions too!

Be Alined DIY KIts
Be Alined
Be Alined

Workplace Organizing and Consulting

This specialized arm of Be Alined's Professional Organizing business has been established due to requests from clients and fills a void many professionals and company owners see - the need for a targeted approach to office set ups, efficient storage, goal setting, empowerment and productivity.

For details about Workplace Organizing and Consulting options including one on one VIP sessions, please click below.