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Our Proven 4 Step Process
Is Made For You.


Whether your project includes tackling clutter, space planning, closet design, or creating new routines, our expert guidance helps you define wants and needs, establish practical systems and ultimately live easier!

Every project comes with complete integrity, trustworthiness, and zero judgement. Passion for the work is included in every job.

We make getting started easy too. Schedule a free introductory call, then a STILL free consultation, and we'll choose the package option that fits you best. Click below to get started!

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Professional Organizing Services

All of our services are based in efficiency and value. Our mission is make your life easier, after all! Within every project...

  • Addressing clutter, inventory and available space

  • Sorting and organizing

  • Routine coaching/The Mentality of Living Organized

  • Space Planning

  • Project management for time efficiency

  • Resale and/or consignment recommendations

  • Product research/shopping

  • Complimentary coordination with local charity partners.

  • AND Trade discounts are always passed through!

All work is customized, and work time is dependent upon decision making, content and accessibility to spaces. And we keep in fun, upbeat and moving toward our goals.

Closet and Storage Design

There is nothing quite like having your custom closet, pantry or office designed by a professional organizer with expertise in function and style. We work to make your space both beautiful and functional, custom to you of course.


Design services are paired with any organizing package and include measurements, two review calls, and (vendor permitting) scheduling of delivery and installation.

Unpacking and Home Set Up Services

You've got a brand new living space in mind! What could be better than being set up for long term organization right from the start? Whether a new home, a new baby will arrive, a new 'work from home' is needed, or you are preparing (or recovering from - ha!) a renovation, we can help.

Unpacking/Move Management services are customized fully, just like our other services. You'll love being unpacked, set up, boxes collected and storage plans made! For my realtor friends, this unpacking services is ALWAYS a huge relief for new homeowners!


DIY Kits are perfect for the person seeking step by step guidance for common organizing challenges or for navigating life's transitions such as welcoming a new baby or overhauling a closet.  Sometimes the kits are the perfect start to on-site organizing sessions too!

Be Alined DIY KIts
Be Alined
Be Alined
Workplace Organizing and Consulting

This specialized arm of Be Alined's Professional Organizing business has been established due to requests from clients and fills a void many professionals and company owners see - the need for a targeted approach to office set ups, efficient storage, goal setting, empowerment and productivity.

For details about Workplace Organizing and Consulting options including one on one VIP sessions, please click below.

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