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Motivation, dedicated time with limited distraction, and of course skill all contribute to achievement. How do we get more done? By deciding what needs to be done to get there, then taking active steps. At home and at work, though different tactics, there is a common theme: by employing productive practices and working in a clearer environment, we can accomplish more and feel better.

We all have what it takes to be productive and to feel good about or work and accomplishments. Shifts in thinking and surroundings will let us celebrate little wins and big goals, and feel good along the way.

Consulting Sessions, Workplace Organizing, Training/Workshops and Speaking Sessions are available.

Consulting Sessions

Focus, Organized Surroundings and Productive Thinking

You've got ideas. You've got responsibilities and challenges. How could defining a focus, the right starting point, establishing organization of ideas or even files, contribute to long term success? The truth is, organized surroundings and deliberate routines, coupled with focused action and systems, make a difference.


Inefficient routines and the visual noise that arises from 'stuff' are not just limited to our homes. At work, your actions and your surroundings both affect your focus. If you want to achieve something, it takes dedication and attention, and of course, action.


Consulting sessions and private packages allow for attention, accountability, clear goal and intention setting, and a plan for execution that can make a big difference in how you operate. Group sessions and Workplace Organizing services transform spaces and routines to make getting things accomplished easier and more fulfilling.

98% of workers feel they'd be more productive if their office was more organized.

A cluttered desk can negatively affect mood, resilience and the ability to work productively.

Almost 1/3 find a disorganized workplace more harmful than workplace gossip.

Workplace Organizing
Why an organized office matters.


When your employees have easy access to essentials, they can spend more time on tasks with potential to increase revenue. Having a clean work area minimizes distractions and allows for teams to work more cohesively, and could even help vendors do better work as well (for example, the cleaning crew). In this way, you get a bigger return on your labor investment, improving your bottom line.



Clients want to be put at ease! A cluttered workspace might lead clients to wonder if their business will be handled in a disorganized way. Customers can only benefit when employees can process tasks and work productively, with better focus and less stress.



Organization breeds success. and decreases stress. A clean and well-kept workplace makes a strong impression on how employees view their jobs. Workers who take pride in their working environment will be more inclined to organize their own desks, clean up after themselves, maintain filing systems and work more effectively together. For workers or visitors, organized spaces show dedication to detail, cleanliness and thoughtful planning.



Imagine a newly organized space, with all employees being made aware of where things are and why. A sense of renewal comes. It shows leadership's dedication to making things easier, plus look better and feel better. Physical changes and improved productivity are energizing.

This specialized arm of Be Alined's Professional Organizing business has been established due to requests from clients and fills a void many professionals and company owners see - the need for a targeted approach to office set ups, efficient storage, goal setting, empowerment and productivity.


Jenn Green launched Be Alined in 2013 after over 14 years of corporate work in the Marketing and Advertising industry, client services and project management. Jenn is known for using a combination of compassion and empowerment to help people move forward and get things done. Her expertise and efficiency practices couple with a true belief that an empowered and accountable individual will do great things, personally and professionally.

Image Credit: Stinsman Photography

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